Hybrid Events – Confusing Possibilities Made Simple

Hybrid Events.  Are you confused about what your hybrid event can look like?  Confusion causes anxiety and causes people to stop what they are doing.  Let’s clear the confusion.  It’s time for some answers…  Live… Online… Onsite.  Cincinnati is meeting.  Join your Cincinnati hometown partners in a client event that is sure to answer the key questions about event solutions moving forward.

Pre-Event Information


A Hybrid Event combining the traditional meeting elements with virtual capabilities and live interaction for all attendees, remote or on-site.


July 15, 2020 – 2:00pm EDT

• A tight webinar-style program introducing Cincinnati Event Partners with solutions for events moving forward
• Live program
• On-site and remote interaction
• Participation prizes and raffle prizes for registered attendees

Mixed-format live breakouts for every interest and participation level after the program. At any live event, people interact at different comfort levels. A Hybrid Event is no different. You don’t have to turn on your camera if you don’t want to, but you will have the ability to interact at your comfort level with industry professionals and peers.

Hybrid breakouts spanning a variety of topics will run concurrently – but don’t worry, all content is being recorded and will be available on demand for future viewing, so choose the breakout that you’d prefer to interact with in real time, and save the others to view later. 

Did you have more than one concurrent breakout session that you wanted to attend?  No worries.  Enjoy access to the program and all of the breakout sessions at on your terms – on demand.

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